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I have such a great pleasure to present the cast of "Lost In Space" show !!

 Guy Williams ........ Professor John Robinson
  June Lockhart ....... Maureen Robinson  
    Marta Kristen .... Judy Robinson
Bill Mummy ....... Will Robinson       
  Angela Cartwright ... Penny Robinson
Mark Goddard .... Major Donald West     
  Jonathan Harris .... Dr.Zachary Smith
Bob May .......... Robot B9 Model  
They are in search of a distant planet in the Alpha-Centauri Constelation... Will the Robinsons get there ?


Click on the YouTube play arrow at the left to watch a short time film showing the fabulous chariot in color (a piece of color shot made at the time of Season 1, which was entirely in Black and White). In this episode the Robinsons are running from the freezing weather that approaches each hour colder in the unkown planet. Doctor Smith is the only one that is not in the chariot. Instead he refused to go and insisted upon staying at Jupiter II with the B9 robot, stating to professor John Robinson that nothing would happen to him. Listen to the magnificent Score by John Williams. The audio is hi-fi - crystal and perfect !!

Guy Williams
Jonathan Harris
Bill Mummy
June Lockhart
Mark Goddard
Marta Kristen
Angela Cartwright
Bob May

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